Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker August 2012 Cheats

It’s that time of year again penguins. Captain Rockhopper has sailed to the island just in time for the Adventure Party! Many penguins will be trying to find Rockhopper. If you do, you can obtain an exclusive Rockhopper background! Don’t worry, just use our accurate Rockhopper Tracker and you’ll find him in no time. Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker August 2012:

CP Rockhopper Tracker, Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker Cheats 2012

Refresh Tracker

Status: Offline…

Server: Offline…

Room: Offline…

Last seen: Deep Freeze, Migrator

Bonus Tips:

  • Click on the “+” key on your keyboard! This will reduce the quality of Club Penguin. This makes it easier for Club Penguin to load, and there will be MUCH less lag.
  • Twitter is the best way to get mascot locations fast! If someone finds Rockhopper, it will be on Twitter, so follow me here: Twitter
  • Rockhopper can be found on busy servers during the peak hours of the day. But, if you notice a normally quiet server to suddenly become busy, check there.

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Happy Tracking!

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Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Cheats Guide

The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2012 has finally arrived to Club Penguin! This is without a doubt one of the biggest parties in Club Penguin history. There is tons of fruit around the island, it’s making me hungry! Here is the Adventure Party 2012 complete cheats guide.

Free Items -

There are quite a few free items, although most of them are head items. 

Pineapple Headband: Cove 

Club Penguin Adventure Party Cheats

Apple Headband: Forest

Club Penguin Adventure Party Cheats

Watermelon Headband: Dock

Club Penguin Adventure Party Cheats

Club Penguin Pin Cheats: Fruit Combo

Hey penguins! Every two weeks, Club Penguin hides a new pin around the island. This week, they have hidden the Fruit Combo pin at the Iceberg.

Club Penguin Cheats Glitches Tips Secrets Hints Walkthroughs Guides Field ops Codes Free Items Rockhopper Tracker and more! Double Mvp

How do you like the new pin? It’s been a while since we’ve had a new pin hidden at the Iceberg. The last one was the Conch Shell way back in January.

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Club Penguin Field ops 96 Cheats

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Club Penguin YouTube: Meet Captain Rockhopper

Club Penguin has uploaded another video to their YouTube account! The video is full of fruit and tells us that there will be another mascot meet-up. That’s right, Club Penguin has scheduled a time where you can meet Rockhopper! You can watch the video below:

Captain Rockhopper will be onine on the server Big Surf on August 24th at 4:00 p.m Australian Standard time. The server is going to be super busy much before the designated time, so if you really want to meet Rockhopper, you should be there very early! Don’t worry: We will have an accurate Rockhopper tracker up and running that will make tracking our pirate friend much easier. I wonder if Rockhopper will bring along a new background as well? So, are you excited to meet Rockhopper? Have you met him before? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know.

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