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Storm Heading to Club Penguin!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Have you looked out of the binoculars at the Cove recently? If you have, you will have noticed a storm coming to Club Penguin! Every Halloween Party since 2006 has included a storm, so this is probably for the Halloween Party. Or better yet, maybe for Card-Jitsu Water? Check it out:

I can’t wait for the Halloween Party and the arrival of Card-Jitsu Water. Which are you more excited for? Drop a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp

We’re Looking for a New Club Penguin Masters CP Author!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. I need an extra hand here, and many people have sent me requests to be an author on my blog. So… I have decided to make an author application! Do YOU have what it take to be the next author on Check out the requirements below!

Please copy and paste all of the questions into the comment box.

About you and your penguin:

What is your penguin name?
How old is your penguin?
Do you have a Club Penguin Cheats site?
If you do, what’s the link?

Time Zones:

What Time Zone do you currently live in? (ex. GMT, EST)
Club Penguin updates at what time for you?

Basic Posting Skills:
Mark an X beside each statement that best describes you. Please be honest!
[ ] My grammer is excellent.
[ ] My grammar is good, but can be improved.
[ ] My grammar is good.
[ ] My grammar isn’t too good.
[ ] My grammar is awful.
[ ] I make posts quickly, but revise my work before publishing.
[ ] I make posts quickly, but don’t revise my work before publishing.
[ ] I make posts slowly, but revise my work before publishing.
[ ] I make posts slowly, but don’t revise my work before publishing.
[ ] I update as soon as there needs to be an update.
[ ] I wait a little while before updating my site.
[ ] I’m just lazy, and I post whenever I feel like it.
[ ] I am excellent at making graphics.
[ ] I am okay at making graphics.
[ ] I am not too good at making graphics.
[ ] My posts include pictures.
[ ] My posts don’t include pictures.

Contact information:
What is your E-mail address?
What is your WordPress E-mail address?
Do you have a Twitter account?
If you do, what is it?
Do you have any other E-mails that you constantly use?

Why should I pick YOU out of the crowd?
Write a review about a game on Club Penguin. Please make it detailed- 5-11 sentences.

Are YOU the next Club Penguin Masters CP author? Make sure to answer the application in a comment. Don’t feel rushed, though. This contest will extend until April 14th, so you have a good 15 days to think of your answers! Please only comment on this post if you are entering the contest, and don’t rush under any circumstance. Unless you have 5 minutes to fill out the application. :)

-Double Mvp


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