Club Penguin Rocky, Cece, and Cadence Trackers July 2012

As you know, Rocky and Cece from Shake It Up along with Cadence are here for the Ultimate Jam 2012! If you find either of them, you can obtain an exclusive background. Remember to refresh the page every few seconds. The tracker will only update if you REFRESH THE PAGE. 

Status: Cadence is offline. :(

Server: Tracking…

Room: Tracking…

Last seen: Yeti (Spanish), Backstage

Status: Rocky & Cece are offline. :(

Server: Tracking…

Room: Tracking…

Last seen: Abonimable, VIP Room.

Bonus Tips:

  • Click on the “+” key on your keyboard! This will reduce the quality of Club Penguin. This makes it easier for Club Penguin to load, and there will be MUCH less lag.
  • Twitter is the best way to get mascot locations fast! If someone finds Cadence, it will be on Twitter, so follow me here: @DoubleMvp
  • Cadence can be found on busy servers during the peak hours of the day. But, if you notice a normally quiet server to suddenly become busy, check there.

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Happy Tracking!

-Double Mvp

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  1. Please find Cece,Rocky,and Cadence!

  2. already found Candence

  3. please find cece and rocky i need to find them

  4. where did you find candence?????????????


  6. Yes found rocky and cece twice!! But most of the time the server is full :( WOOP thanks double mvp!

  7. What’s server!

  8. hey dude I know thebetahat, he’s the guy that won your contest once! anyway thanks man I found cadence with this!!! now I need to find cece and rocky.

  9. were are rocky and cece

  10. ou et cece et rocky svp ??

  11. are rocky and cece online

  12. purpleunicorns

    I need to find rocky and cece

  13. What sever is rocky and cece

  14. post this to 6 trackers open your account press f4 and f5 then you get 500,000 and a 1 year membership

  15. i met them aat server abominable

  16. cadence was just at alpine

  17. there on abonable duh

  18. i found them :D :D :D just now

  19. I really won’t to meet cece plz come to the cove on snowcap at 6:00 plz plz come

  20. i found cece and cadence but not rocky!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i already met them……HA!

  22. i saw them and they are my friends ha

  23. we are on alpine at 7:00

  24. I’m so mad! I was at Abonimable, VIP Room for 3 days straight and I go offline today for 30 minutes and they were online! UGH! ;(

  25. Can you refresh the page, or do you have to click Refresh Tracker? Will both do the same?

    Double Mvp says: Both do the same. :)

  26. post this on 6 trackers open you account press f4 and f5 and get 500,000 and a 1 year membership

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