Club Penguin YouTube: Adventure Party 2012 Sneak Peek

Club Penguin has recently uploaded a new video to their YouTube account! The video features Club Penguin moderator Happy77 waddling around the island showing us sneak peeks of the up-coming Adventure Party. The party will be released on August 23rd.

Pretty cool, eh? That cave Happy77 was trying to escape looked like a boatload of fun! I’m sure the Adventure Party of 2012 will be a very cool party. After all, I have enjoyed Club Penguin’s previous Adventure Parties! What are you expecting to see? Are you looking forward to the party? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp

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Club Penguin’s Rockhopper is Approaching

Hey penguins! Have you looked into the Telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon recently? If so, you will have noticed the Migrator sailing to Club Penguin. Rockhopper and his puffle, Yarr, will be here in time for the Adventure Party.

What do you think Rockhopper is bringing along from Rockhopper Island? I hope he brings along some sweet free items haha. We will be tracking Rockhopper as soon as he hits the island, so be sure to come back for our Rockhopper Tracker.

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin Banana Pin Peel Cheat

Hey penguins! Every two weeks, Club Penguin hides a new pin somewhere on the island for us to collect. This week, they have hidden the Banana Peel pin at the Coffee Shop!

Club Penguin Banana Peel Pin Cheats, Club Penguin Cheats Codes Secrets Tips Glitches hints

Congratulations, now you have found the new Banana Peel pin! The Adventure Party is coming up, and it’s going to be full of fruit!  We will have all the cheats for you as soon as the party arrives. So, how do you like the new pin? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin New Igloo Experience Is Here

Hey penguins! Today, Club Penguin has released the new igloo experience for all penguins. With the new experience comes many more cool features, including my favorite, the ability to like player’s igloos! Let’s take a look at the brand new igloo features…

First off, the igloo icon has been updated on your menu bar and on player cards.

Menu Bar

Player Cards

Free items

Yes, there are some free items that came along with the update! If you are a non-member, like me, you usually can’t decorate your igloo with cool items. Well, Club Penguin has released six free items for everybody, including non-members! The items are: one mat, one red clock, two brown sofas, and two plants!

It would be great if Club Penguin released items for all players more often! It’s definitely a great idea, don’t you think?

Like Igloos

There is also the new “like” feature that allows you to like your favorite igloos. You can click the blue icon at the top right of the screen when you’re in an igloo to “like” it!

You can also see a list of every other penguin that likes that igloo!

Edit Igloo

To edit your igloo, simply click on the igloo icon at the bottom left of the screen. Here, you will also be able to put your igloo on the map (if you’re a member), and see your saved igloo (if you’re a member)… Note: You can only have three saved igloos at a time, so save wisely. Hehe…

There’s a new interface for viewing items… Club Penguin just made it much easier to see all of the items you have purchased!

Don’t forget about that igloo music… members can access the igloo music by clicking on the music note button.

The new igloo updates are awesome! It makes igloo decorating much easier, and now you can see what your buddies think of your igloo! What’s your favorite part about the new updates? Remember to leave a comment with your ideas.

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin Spotlight Pin Cheat

Hey penguins! Every two weeks, Club Penguin releases a new pin hidden somewhere on the island. This week, they have released a Spotlight pin, which can be found in the Lodge Attic above the Ski Lodge.

Club Penguin new Pin cheats

Congratulations, you have found the new Spotlight Pin!

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam Cheats!


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